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    Absolute Silence

    Absolute Silence

    Includes a Badger discography.

    Robert Dyrnes has published yet another book titled «Absolutt Tystnad» («Absolute Silence»). This time he has made a compilation of all releases made through his record labels the last 26 years.
    The book contains album covers, newspaper clips and additional notes. It also includes a previously unreleased 7” single by The Pussycats.

    Badger was one of the first bands released on Yellow Snow Records in 1999. They appeared on «Yellow Snow Compilation Vol. 1» along with other upcoming bands from Tromsø. The compilation included three songs from Badger; «Hold You Tight», «Norman» and «Lucky». Further releases listed in the book includes Badger’s debut EP «Faster Days» from 2000, their full length debut album «Every Other Sunday» from 2002 and «C’mon Girls!» from 2003. In addition the promo for «Every Other Sunday» from 2002 was mentioned as well. The promo included the songs «Every Other Sunday», «(Tonight I Feel Like) Ringo Starr» and «I Feel».
    Badger was included in another compilation released by Yellow Snow Records in 2010 titled «Absolutt Lappland Vol. 2». This was a giveaway on Driv’s 10 year anniversary. The song featured on this album was «It’s a Glorious Day».
    The Pussycats was one of the headliners on the Bukta Festival in 2011. A special tribute album titled «Grrr…? Grrr…!» was released and sold during the festival. The album included 12 songs by 12 different artists. Badger’s contribution was «Why Have We To Wait».

    The book is available at Robert Dyrnes’ record store Backbeat. Or you can order your copy online from Big Dipper.

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    9 December 2018 News

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