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    Tromsø’s history of rock and pop music

    Tromsø’s history of rock and pop music

    And this includes Badger.

    Robert Dyrnes, a well know figure in Tromsø. An organizer of music
    festivals, concerts, founder of record labels, author and owner of a record shop specialising in vinyl. In the late nineties he began realising the dreams of artist in Tromsø releasing their music on his own record label. Badger was included on Robert Dyrnes‘ first compilation from 1999 Yellow Snow Compilation vol. 1 which was Badger’s debut as a recording artist.

    On August 24th he published his book on the history of rock and pop artists coming out of Tromsø. The book includes a thorough and complete discography of all the artists from 1963 to 2016. Badger’s biography and discography is also recognised. Håvard Stangnes‘ and Kim Karlsen‘s other projects are included in the book as well.

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