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    Absolute Silence

    Includes a Badger discography.

    Robert Dyrnes has published yet another book titled «Absolutt Tystnad» («Absolute Silence»). This time he has made a compilation of all releases made through his record labels the last 26 years.
    The book contains album covers, newspaper clips and additional notes. It also includes a previously unreleased 7” single by The Pussycats.


    9 December 2018 News Read more

    Tromsø’s history of rock and pop music

    And this includes Badger.

    Robert Dyrnes, a well know figure in Tromsø. An organizer of music
    festivals, concerts, founder of record labels, author and owner of a record shop specialising in vinyl. In the late nineties he began realising the dreams of artist in Tromsø releasing their music on his own record label. Badger was included on Robert Dyrnes‘ first compilation from 1999 Yellow Snow Compilation vol. 1 which was Badger’s debut as a recording artist.

    On August 24th he published his book on the history of rock and pop artists coming out of Tromsø. The book includes a thorough and complete discography of all the artists from 1963 to 2016. Badger’s biography and discography is also recognised. Håvard Stangnes‘ and Kim Karlsen‘s other projects are included in the book as well.

    Send an e-mail to to get your copy.

    fb  Event on Facebook.


    13 September 2016 News Read more

    Tribute to Roy Stenersen

    Friends paid tribute to Roy Stenersen last night.

    Badger was one of the artist last night who commemorated Roy Stenersen in what was to become a memorable evening. On stage they were joined by Ove Schei on guitar, Ole-Morten Indigo Lekang and Benjamin Mørk on keyboards, Fred Glesnes on saxofone, Christian Hyld on trumpet and Torbjørn Ingvaldsen on trombone.


    30 October 2015 News Read more

    Tribute concert for Roy Stenersen

    In memory of the late Roy Stenersen.

    On the 29th of October a tribute concert will be held at Radisson Hotel Blu in Tromsø. Friends and musicians will contribute to make this a special evening. Badger which was one Roy Stenersen’s favorite bands will also perform.

    Details around ticket sales are yet to be published.


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    Badger fan site

    A new Badger fan site will be launched soon.

    The Badger fan site on is undergoing a refurbishment. The shutting down of the webserver by the end of this year coincides with the launch of the new website. The new site will be found on


    5 September 2015 News Read more

    «Stars, Guitars & Motorcars» release concert

    Live at Blårock.

    Last night Badger held a concert at Blårock celebrating the release of their new album «Stars, Guitars & Motorcars». Joining them on stage were Ole-Morten Indigo Lekang on keyboards, Fred Glesnes on saxofone, Christian Hyld on trumpet and Torbjørn Ingvaldsen on trombone.

    The set mostly included songs from their new album but they also found room for some good oldies like «Final Hour», «Goodnight All Right», «Velvet Crush», «(Tonight I Feel Like) Ringo Starr» and «One Hit Wonders Of The World Unite».

    Blårock_24 Oct 2013Setlist:
    Headlock End
    Sunday Morning Disaster
    The Ballad of Shooter & Evelyn
    Final Hour
    Laziest Boy in Town
    Little Things
    Goodnight All Right
    Velvet Crush
    Hey George
    Wishing Man
    I Tell You What You Wanna Hear
    (Tonight I Feel Like) Ringo Starr
    One Hit Wonders Of The World Unite



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    Badger live on radio

    Live on NRK P1’s morning show.

    Badger appeared this morning on NRK P1’s morning show «Morra i NRK P1» giving an interview and live performance of «Astroturf» and «The Ballad of Shooter & Evelyn». Click here to listen. Video recordings of the two performances are also available. Link to NRK.




    24 October 2013 News Read more

    Mini concert at Backbeat

    «Stars, Guitars and Motorcars» released on vinyl and CD.

    Badger held a mini concert this afternoon at Backbeat marking the release of «Stars, Guitars and Motorcars» on vinyl and CD. The store was packed and the audience could buy their copy and get it signed by the band.

    The band, accompanied by Ole-Morten Indigo Lekang on keyboards, played a set of 5 songs.

    The Ballad of Shooter & Evelyn
    I Tell You What You Wanna Hear
    Hey George
    Sunday Morning Disaster


    11 October 2013 News Read more

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